Matrix Reimprinting 

Do you feel like your life is stuck on repeat?

Matrix Reimprinting is a collection of new mind-body techniques based on the understanding that we hold traumatic events in our energy fields. These past events are held not just as memories but as specific energy bodies, known as ECHOS or Energetic Consciousness HolOgrams. When we experience similar life experiences in our current day life, these reactivate the previous memories, bringing back the feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs connected with the original trauma. This leads to physical stress and emotional disharmony; it's as if we are right back at the age of the old memory despite the current circumstances being often quite different. 

Matrix Reimprinting works directly with these ECHOS, resolving the negatively charged energy and creating positive memories in it's place. This changes our relationship to our past, affecting our emotional and physical health positively in the present. Matrix Reimprinting is a simple yet powerful tool for self-transformation, transforming life traumas quickly and enabling the body to return to a place of peace so that true healing can take place. 

A typical Matrix Reimprinting session involves accessing a past memory easily and safely with the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) without reliving the original trauma. The past memory is then reimprinted with a more positive one based on your own perception of events at the time. This prevents the old image from continuing to be an emotional trigger point when you encounter similar circumstances in the present day. The original event is not changed but your current perception of it becomes more positive. This has a powerful transformative effect on your current life and can enable you to see yourself and the present situation in a more positive and healing light. 

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