The whole body is represented in each Iris, the coloured part of the eye, and through the analysis of the various colours, markings and patterns in the iris, your health potential can be assessed.

Each part of the physical body is reflected in a corresponding part of the Iris e.g. the left lung is located at 9 o'clock in the left iris. For a detailed analysis of your Irises, a special camera is required to take a permanent record of both eyes. This photo is then expertly analysed, and the health issues discussed.

Iridology is offered as part of all Naturopath consultations, and through Iris Analysis, personal and familial health patterns are revealed, and dietary and lifestyle changes are then recommended. 

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Naturopathy uses Natural medicines such as Herbal medicine, Homeopathy and Nutritional supplements to gently stimulate the body's innate healing abilities. Each person is individually assessed using Iridology, and your personal and family medical histories are taken into account. A customised treatment plan of Natural supplements, and Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations are then created just for you to begin your health journey towards improved health and wellbeing.

The initial consultation includes Iridology and is for one hour, to allow adequate time for discussion and health assessment. A follow-up appointment is then booked for two weeks later to reassess personal health issues and guide you further, and subsequent health checks are scheduled to help you stay on track and reach your personal health goals.

As for how long will you require Naturopathic support, each person is an individual, but an estimation is one month for each year you have been unwell. However your patience and persistance will be well rewarded with optimal health, renewed energy and balanced weight, and no more frequent health relapses as your immunity is strengthened and your vitality restored. 

Children, Adults and Seniors can all benefit from an Individual Iridology or Naturopathy consultation for any health concern, particularly chronic long standing aliments which are not improving with conventional health care treatments. 

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