Emotional Freedom Techniques

Break Free With EFT!

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Meridian Tapping, is a simple and effective method of relieving Emotional and Physical pain. A combination of Ancient Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology, it can be learned by anyone and practiced anywhere.

Wendy instructs you to tap a sequence of Meridan (Acupuncture) points on your body, as you recall a physical or emotional issue that is causing you some concern. With each subsequent cycle of Tapping, another emotional layer is revealed and you are able to identify the true root cause of your distress. 

Techniques are provided to allow you to continue your own personal healing journey at home as well as having regular EFT sessions with Wendy to clarify your issues. I recommend EFT for anyone looking for a gentle and effective technique that is helpful for reducing mental triggers to physical and emotional pain, and a simple relaxation method that can be used anywhere and anytime by anybody.