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improve your health with an easy dietary program of good nutrition and lifestyle modifications. 

Weight Loss and Detoxification

 Improve Energy and Vitality

Hormonal Balance and Menopause

Digestive Support and Allergies

Anxiety and Depression

Iridology Services

Iridology uses your eyes as a individual map to the inner health of your body. It is a simple health analysis tool that can be used for all ages and health concerns.

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Naturopathy Consultations

60 min consultations include Iridology and offer an in-depth health assessment, with detailed dietary advice and a personal treatment plan for acute or chronic, simple or complex cases.

Iridology Consultations

30 min consultations provide a short health analysis of your body through your eyes as an introduction to Natural Medicine for all ages.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

60 min consultations are a simple and effective way to learn stress management and assist emotional and physical pain.

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Health Fund rebates are available for Naturopath Consultations

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Wendy Simpson Naturopath Iridologist  
Phone: 0437 592 181